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Useful Sites for Year 1 teachers

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

As schools prepare to reopen on the 1st June, some teachers and teaching assistants may find themselves teaching children and objectives unfamiliar to them. To help here is my round up of websites to visit to help teach Early Maths and Phonics.



Mathematics Mastery


This site has home learning packs aimed to support parents teaching their children at home. Although I personally think they might be quite overwhelming to send home to parents, they do provide an excellent starting point for teachers new to this year group.

Oxford Owl


Oxford Owl is an excellent site across the board, but this link takes you to topic specific resources and activities.

Learning By Questions (LBQ)


We use LBQ at my school and it is certainly an attributing factor to our excellent school results! LBQ (Learning by Questions) automatically increases the challenge of questions pupils face so they are always challeged. Normally the school purchases a subscription for it's staff but many tasks can be accessed during school closures following this link. Something that can be used in your class if your children can access ipads or laptops.

Number Blocks


Aimed at Reception primarily, these cute little figures tackle some tricky concepts that Year 1 need to secure before they move up to Year 2, including how the values of numbers to 10 can be partitioned in different ways. All episodes are currently available on BBC iPlayer - usually the episodes can be purchased on DVD.

This link includes downloadable PowerPoints to support episodes in Series 1 and 2.


BBC Bitesize


Maths Bot


Maths Frame


Gary Hall Maths


The Mathematics Shed




Phonics Play


Those who have used Phonics Play will notice that the site has had a makeover since lockdown, but don't worry our favourite games and dancing pirates are still there. The resources remain free during the pandemic - a username and password can be seen on the homepage.

Mr T's Phonics


Mr Thorne and his giraffe pal Geraldine deliver excellent phonics videos and have done for years!

BBC Bitesize


Mrs Mactivity


Once Upon a Picture


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