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COVID-19: Maths Home Learning

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Schools are now looking to balance teaching EYFS, Year 1 and Year 6 with providing remote home learning activities to those who have not been able to return to school. This has its challenges. Teachers responsible for planning such activities seek quality resources that move children’s learning forward, engage and promote interest. More importantly, teachers are trying to find interactive resources that are pitched appropriately so that material is accessible for those learning at home.

(Image from NCETM Video Lessons - https://youtu.be/DmekUT4_Lkc)

The National Centre of Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) has produced a series of video lessons for pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 to engage with. Trained NCETM Maths Mastery Specialists jointly planned, prepared and resourced lessons that are now available to watch on You Tube.

Behind every online lesson was a meeting with a number of Specialists who looked at the possible difficult points within a concept, discussions around which representations should be used to have the most impact, and plans for the very small steps that can be built on throughout the series.

(Image from NCETM Video Lessons - https://youtu.be/DmekUT4_Lkc)

The NCETM released sets of Professional Development (PD) materials aimed to give teachers the specialist subject knowledge needed to teach modern day Mathematics in an accessible way. No other resource that I have come across gives the subject knowledge alongside the resource materials for pupils in such a detailed way. The PD materials can be found by clicking here. There are three ‘spines’:

1. Number: Addition and Subtraction

2. Multiplication and Division

3. Fractions

Here is an overview of the lessons available for home access:

Key Stage 1: Multiplication (starting with building the concept of units of 2 through to varied practice using the two times table)

Lower Key Stage 2: Fractions (starting with wholes and parts, through to visualising and estimating non-unit fractions)

Upper Key Stage 2: Fractions (starting with developing understanding of equivalent fractions through to simplifying fractions after multiplying a fraction by a whole number)

Upper Key Stage 2: Number: Addition and Subtraction (starting with adjusting addends to make calculations easier through to balancing equations to find unknown values)

Each lesson has built in scaffolding through carefully planned representations in addition to challenges to stretch the thinking of more confident learners. The teachers have also included practice activities that form a bridge between lessons.

You could share the YouTube video links on a school newsletter or your schools preferred social media stream.

Could the videos help staff who have been asked to teach a year group they wouldn’t normally teach? Why not share some of the videos with staff to do a lesson study? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

(Image from NCETM Video Lessons - https://youtu.be/DmekUT4_Lkc)

(Image from NCETM Video Lessons - https://youtu.be/h00dnOBMWyw)