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Leadership: Trust Your Team

Updated: Jan 26

Just a brief blog today on something I've been thinking about. I've seen numerous tweets on Twitter where people have asked for tips on being a new leader in roles such as a key stage, year group or phase leader. Drawing on my own experience as a leader and how I have taken inspiration from my leaders, I have jotted down my thoughts.


I don't think that you have to be loud and make new rules when you begin leading. I believe you need to get to know your team first and foremost. By acknowledging the strengths and weaknesses of your teaching team, you can shape the unit and develop it. You may conduct an audit of your unit currently with your teams input, and together decide on the next steps. From the outset you have created an action plan that the whole team are invested in.

Have a vision of how you see the unit running and if you want to make changes, lead by example and include your team's opinions. If a member of your team is digging their heels in and you know that the changes you (and hopefully the majority of your team!) are suggesting are going to benefit the children, remind them of the bigger picture - what is best for the children.

Get to know the families of the children you are working with beyond your class. The role of phase leader means that you have a responsibility beyond your own class. Parents should see that you are the next port of call beyond their child's teacher so keeping a good rapport and relationship is key. Know your vulnerable families and check in with them and see if they need extra support.

Give back up to the teachers in your team! Give credit where credit is due. If your team has an idea for a new initiative, hear them out and empower them! Trust your team.

Be flexible. Have patience. Review and reflect. Don't pretend you know all of the answers. Be authentic and show others that although you might not know the answer to something, you will find out and get back to them. Make sure you do just that.

Be consistent and timely.

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